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“Vigne d’en Gaume” originates in a five-acre vineyard on winemaker Denis Sarda’s estate in the Roussillon district of southeastern France, a short distance from the French Pyrénées.

This parcel of vineyard is planted entirely with Grenache, the classic red grape associated with this area. Denis Sarda is a passionate advocate of biodynamics, an innovative viticultural philosophy rooted in ancient agricultural practices of the past that only now are starting to be scientifically understood.

Biodynamic vineyard management and winemaking activities, as practiced by Denis Sarda and other cutting-edge winemakers, take into consideration the effect on nature of energy forces arising from the phases and influence of the moon and stars.

“Vigne d’en Gaume” is part of a collection of single-vineyard wines from the Roussillon, each carefully selected by the Ey (pronounced “A”) family.

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