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Domaine Clos Roussely There is 1 product.

The history:
Vincent Roussely, in his early 30’s, comes from a family always tied to the wine trade.
His grand-father started as a winemaker with his own estate and developed a very successful “negociant” business that he eventually sold to one of France’s largest wine company.

As part of that deal, the estate was rented out and, it is piece by piece that Vincent gets it back. 10 years ago he was allowed to take over some of the vines and particularly a single vineyard called “Le Clos”. Patiently he made wine in a farm nearby and finally last year, he got the winery back.
A very unique winery that is dug literally under the vineyard !

Having to wait to get back his family’s business was no waste of time as Vincent worked in Napa Valley, New-Zealand and other French wine regions, opening his mind and broadening is knowledge and always thinking how he would apply what he saw to his family estate’s wines. It is really a unique style that Vincent has developed.

His father was a successful wine salesman who nurtured a passion for trucks and antique automobiles. He assembled a large collection of wine trade related antique vehicles that are simply stored in a warehouse. Vincent once again, considers being his role to bring value to this family’s treasure….he wants to create a museum with his father’s collection……

Appellation area : Touraine in the Loire Valley

Geography : A few hours south-west of Paris in the gentle landscape of the Loire Valley, which in the old days attracted all the Parisian nobility. Located in the small village of St Georges sur Cher, nearby the much visited castles of Chenonceaux and Chambord.
Superficy of the Estate : 22 hectares, 55 acres

Cépages Rouges : Gamay, Cabernet et Côt

Soil: Clay soil with clean slate rocks over an underground of clean slate.

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